ZONE - Hiss Off! Concentrate (6-Pack Case)

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ZONE Hiss Off! Concentrate Snake Repellent: The new standard for repelling snakes based on enhanced naturally repelling oils and ingredients. Protect your family and pets from intrusive serpents.

  • Repel snakes from entering flower beds, sandboxes, campsites, and around your home
  • All-natural formula features repellent oils that masks familiar odors and tastes that snakes seek out
  • Pleasant scent to people but unpleasant to snakes
  • Harmless to plants and animals when used as directed.
  • Concentrate formula mixes perfectly in a 2-gallon garden sprayer to cover up to 4,000 sqft.
  • Save over 80% vs Ready-to-Use Spray bottles.
  • Save 10% when you order by the case.

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